About Aquarian Creations

Welcome to the Aquarian Creations base of operations, for Bec and Jen, or Jen and Becca…


Jen and Bec - Crazy 8's Carpet

Photo From: Red Carpet Crazy 8’s Gala (2014)
Jen was Set Decorator on “Bed Bugs: A Musical Love Story”

Jen is a Fine Artist, Costume Designer and Make-up Artist…currently working on various sets in the Vancouver area.  When you put all of her skills together, along with a passion for concept art and character creation.  Jen is a one-woman art department!

Airbrush Photoshoot - Gabriel 389

Make-Up, air brushing, body art, costume design and construction – Jennifer Christenson. Model – Andrea Rosolia. Photography – Gabriel Morosan

Airbrush Photoshoot - Gabriel 384

The Artist – Jen Christenson, with her creation…Andrea Rosolia 🙂 Photography – Gabriel Morosan

Bec is a Screenwriter, Director and Producer/PM, currently in full time studies at VFS (Writing for Film and Television).  Becca has worked various aspects of production, on set and in the office, but her passion is Story.  Without a blueprint, there is no movie…

She also co-creates AQ communications.

Bec's Chair bw Headshot

Self-Portrait: Rebecca Christenson

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Above: Sabrae’s Transformation Tryptic – Painting #3 (11 by 14 – Acrylic on Canvas)

The most important thing to us is storytelling!!!

“It’s all there is…”


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